Most Popular Human Rights Topics on Twitter in 2012


Human Rights Watch recently released its breakdown of it's most "popular" human rights topics from its twitter feed in 2012:

In the past year these researchers, advocates and directors tweeted developing human rights stories such as the drafting of the Egyptian constitution, the first trial and conviction by the International Criminal Court and the first women to represent Saudi Arabia in the Olympic games.
Here are the top ten most-clicked stories of the year.
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1. #PussyRiot case shocking, image of rights lawyer #Markelov, on the sidewalk w back of his head blown off was worse
2. #Saudi women went to the Olympics, but still can’t participate in sports at home
3. Growing Up Locked Down - Youth in Solitary Confinement in Jails and Prisons Across the United States
4. Which country tried more than 12,000 civilians, including children, by military tribunal in 2011?
5. The #protesters carried flowers. #Bahrain police lobbed concussion grenades. Several injured, one critically
6. Syria: Sexual Assault in Detention
7. Bulgaria: Denounce Call to Stone Gays
8. US Supreme Court shouldn't let #Georgia #execute a man with intellectual disabilities #warrenhill
9. Burma: Government Forces Targeting Rohingya Muslims
10. Today is Int'l Day of People w/ Disabilities. Show your support, call on US Senators to vote YES to #CRPD

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