Seven International Development Tools For Humanity


Image: Natasha Fillion/Progressio

International development is a vast, multi-disciplinary field that encompasses foreign aid, healthcare, education, infrastructure, human rights and more. The great diversity of this arena allows app developers to create a variety of tools to aid professionals and humanitarians across the globe. Accompanied with emerging technology at our fingertips, international development apps can serve as the cornerstone of connectivity for a more informed and educated global community of social innovators. 

UN News Reader allows users to read the latest news from the United Nation News Centre by subject or geographical region. In addition to this tool, the UN promotes the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights app, which marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Both of these apps are updated constantly, providing users with up to date information on human rights news around the world. 

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) app is another valuable resource for individuals wanting to read up on current humanitarian issues. This app features articles, photographs, films, and a section of in-depth ICRC publications. 

Access to human rights information isn't  limited to adults; it's available for young people, as well. Youth for Human Rights is an online education app directed towards elementary grades, middle school, and high school students. It engages the youth through interactive educational material available for the teachers and students to emulate a classroom environment.

Individuals interested in the economical side of international development can check out a resourceful app created by The World Bank Group. The World Development Indicators (WDI) Data Finder app is multilingual, and contains data categorized by country, topic and indicators. Topics include people, economy, environment, worldview, and states and markets.

Konbit steps outside of the informative app sector and functions at a local and global level to help communities rebuild themselves after a crisis and assist international NGOs in sourcing labor. For example, Konbit employs locals in Haiti rather than bringing in outside forces for aid, and helps Haitians communicate their skills so they can get work. 

For people who want to assist damage control where crisis and disaster are concerned,    Disaster Alert is a great tool. The website and interactive global map app, created by Pacific Disaster Center, conducts advance risk assessments to help predict and prevent damage to communities across the globe.

This list only skims the surface on the numerous apps helping a wide network of people across the field of international development. What tools would you like to see featured in The Toolbox? 

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