Valuable Tools For Tracking, Preventing, And Preparing For Mudslide Tragedies


Image: Seattle Times

A tragic mudslide that took place in Arlington, WA on Saturday morning  has left eight people dead, several missing, and demolished at least 30 homes. Chief Travis Hots of the Snohomish County Fire District 21 told the Seattle Times rescuers had to be extra cautious while climbing through the massive amounts of mud, which measured up to one square-mile. As the search continues, authorities are predicting that casualties will rise. 

From disaster preparedness education to real-time disaster tracking to disaster relief, The Toolbox features a number of tools for times like this. Here are a few.

The FEMA app contains disaster safety tips, an interactive emergency kit list, emergency meeting location information, and a map with open shelters and open FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs).

The Disaster Readiness guide features sections on how to make your own Disaster Supplies Kit, how to re-charge your phone when there is no electricity, and how to purify water, and even where to get pills to protect yourself from nuclear radiation! 

Real Time Warning Pro sends out alerts about disasters around the world. Select an event to see its location, damage, severity, and rumble radius on a world map. You can tap once on an event for a detailed view and informative links. Data is collected from a wide variety of sources including the US Geological Survey, NOAA, and many other sources from around the globe. PUSH notification features update users as fast as possible while maintaining optimal use of their GPS data and overall usage of their devices. Additional features include: real time warnings of natural disasters, set custom disaster alarms, and set monitors for earthquakes, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and floods. 

Relief Central is a free mobile and web resource developed by the staff and friends of Unbound Medicine to assist relief workers, first responders, and others called to serve in disaster relief situations around the world. The app includes information from The World Factbook from the CIA, the Field Operations Guide from USAID, MEDLINE Journals, and Relief News from the Red Cross, United Nations, CDC, FEMA and more.

We have plenty more relief-focused apps in addition to these. Check the right column of this page for more! 

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