In Social Enterprise, Does Slow And Steady Win The Race?



"I talk to undergraduates and graduate students who are desperate to start something and build something and be the one to come up with that silver bullet solution, and I just want to say slow down." ~Jessamyn Lau, Peery Foundation 

In the world of social entrepreneurship, founders are more than the heads of their companies. They're activists on the frontline setting out to prove to the social good space and the business arena as a whole that their ideas are not only scalable, but that they will improve the lives of others. 

These days, with founders constantly competing for funding and media attention, there seems to be a popularity race unfolding among young social entrepreneurs entering the field. While time is of the essence, the veteran social justice professionals featured in this Cafe Impact video argue that slow and steady wins the race. 

What do you think? Do recent graduates need to pay their dues before taking on projects that can potentially have a major social impact? 

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