Nepal Still Needs Us


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In our busy lives it is quite easy to forget about a tragedy halfway across the world after a month or two of news coverage. This is what seems to be happening with regard toNepal, which was hit by a powerful earthquake on April 25th and another powerful aftershock on May 12th. Thousands of lives have been lost, a number of people have been displaced, and a plethora of homes now lay in ruins.

During the weeks that followed the earthquake, millions of dollars and supplies were donated to foundations dedicated to providing emergency relief and helping the people of Nepal. However, as these things often do, Nepal has begun to slip out of the mainstream and out of many minds, while the country still needs support.

The Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) has estimated Nepal’s recovery needs, damages, and losses at approximately $6.6 billion USD, $5.15 billion USD, and $1.9 billion USD. This total amount represents almost one third of the Nepalese economy. Realistically, Nepal needs billions of dollars to put towards their reconstruction, but so far donations have not collectively surpassed the one billion dollar mark.

Here are some tools and ways to help rebuild Nepal and help the country come out even stronger.

MicroMappersMicroMappers has already connected many for the Nepal Earthquake response and it continues to be an important tool for the country and the aid it receives. By connecting social activists, volunteers, and the affected community, the app makes it easier for bigger organizations to understand what the main issues are so that they can take action.

Nepal Earthquake ReportsThis app allows users to report specific earthquake damage including blocked roads and help wanted alerts and notifications of trapped people. Though it seems it may have been slightly more useful during the direct aftermath of the earthquakes, the app can continue to map out which areas need the most help so funds can be directed there.


But what’s one of the best ways to help Nepal? Go visit. The country is safe for travel and will benefit immensely from tourism. Plus, it is sure to be an amazing opportunity to see both the beauty of the country and the destruction it is facing. While there, you may even be able to volunteer or become involved with a community or charitable organization. Consider an independent trip or one that is facilitated by programs such the following. 

Hands for Help Nepal 

Global Volunteer Network 

International Volunteer HQ 

What are the most compelling tools and resources you know of that are aiding disaster relief efforts? 

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