Red, White & You: 5 Apps To Help You Be An Everyday Activist This Summer



Summer is in full effect with fireworks, food and time with family and friends. While you're enjoying the season, there's a smorgasbord of ways you can bring more abundance into your life through preserving your surroundings and resources. And of course, there are apps to help you do this. 

Start Your Own Sustainable Farm

Whether you’re looking for foods that are non-GMO or you do not want to continue spending your entire paycheck at the grocery store, starting your own sustainable farm is a creative and rewarding way to be socially and environmentally conscious this summer.

During The Toolbox’s recent trip to Detroit, we spoke with urban farmer Atieno Kasagam, who is living proof that farming can happen anywhere. She grows tomatillos, kale, and herbs in a greenhouse on her property.

Having fresh fruits and vegetables around makes you healthier, creates a green space in your own yard, and allows you to avoid the high costs of some grocery store chains.

Helpful Apps: Urban Farming Assistant Start, Locavore

Build A Movement

Creating any type of social good campaign requires some essential ingredients. These include a cause to rally around, a strategy for spreading the word, and of course, funding. The success of many movements hinges on your ability to fundraise.

CauseVox is an online platform that gives users the tools they need to engage their user-base and design unique pages for fundraisers. 

Whatever your movement is, get it started this summer!

Helpful Apps: StoryMaker, Brigade

Buy Better

Purchasing power affords you the opportunity to decide what brands you wear. And who you buy from can be a reflection of your social consciousness. Many companies have taken steps to be more environmentally conscious and more ethical, but there are still those getting away with human rights violations and unfair policies. 

When consumers rise up and demand a higher standard it forces a company’s hand. So when you’re headed to the mall or the grocery store check out these apps to find out where to shop.

Helpful Apps:  Shop Ethical!, eGood, Buycott

Donate Time And Money Smarter

Being generous with your time and money is certainly an admirable way to be more socially conscious. But like many of the endeavors on this list it requires some research beforehand. In order to have the greatest impact possible, find out where your money is going before donating.

Recently, reports surfaced stating that allegations were made against the Red Cross for using the half-billion dollars donated in the wake of the Haiti earthquake to build six homes.

If you plan to donate to relief efforts for recent events like the earthquake in Nepal, ensure that your donations will be put to good use.

Helpful Apps: VolunteerMatch, One Today

Share Your Social Good Activity

There are plenty of apps out there built with the purpose of allowing users to share images and thoughts with their friends. So why not take that social interaction and share a social good experience?  

It can be as easy as Instagramming your dinner. Using the Feedie app, foodies can donate a meal to a local food bank. Through the Donate a Photo tool, you can send a picture to Johnson & Johnson, which will donate one dollar to a cause of your choice.

Helpful Apps: Donate a Photo, Feedie

The everyday activist in all of us can use these apps to be agents of change wherever we go.  

What are your favorite social change apps or tools this summer? We want to know.

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