Three Tips & Tools For Budding Social Entrepreneurs


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Social entrepreneurship is a field characterized by those who possess both business acumen as well as sense of duty to provide a good or service that has a positive social or environmental impact. With issues such as climate change and gender equality at the forefront of society and emerging technology connecting people across the globe, there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur of this kind.

Here are three tips and tools for budding entrepreneurs ready to optimize their skills and spread some social good.

  1. Know how to ask for help and pay it forward.

All great entrepreneurs have needed a helping hand in their journey, and knowing when and how to ask for guidance and support has cultivated their success.

Harper Lee was only able to write To Kill A Mockingbird with money borrowed from Truman Capote. Bottom line, we all want to work on our passion project, we just may require some outside assistance to do it.

Using the Volley app, you can ask anyone, for anything, any time. The website consists of a running thread of questions, answers and advice. This app is perfect for rising social entrepreneurs who may need help getting their business off the ground.

 2) Organization is a priority.

Let preparation put you where good luck can find you. Being organized is key to creating a smooth-flowing business, regardless of the endeavor.

Every entrepreneur will have to deal with emails,or notes, business cards from different contacts, to-do lists and due dates. Naturally, remembering all of this can be a struggle. So the need to get organized is absolutely vital to a healthy business.

The Trello app allows users to organize their business on their smartphone or computer (think Pinterest for entrepreneurs). Forget the sticky notes on your desk and start tracking the progress of your projects online. Your user board can also be shared with other members of your company to initiate a collaborative process.

and last but not least…

 3) Know how to get the green.

If we all had money trees in our backyards, the need for social enterprises and nonprofits working to alleviate poverty wouldn’t even exist. All companies start with the an idea to fulfill a need, and this calls for funding. Whether it is through crowdsourcing platforms like KickStarter or grants, let’s be honest, getting the funding to make a business run can be the most difficult part, and while beginning with friends and family funding is how many business owners start, it’s not sustainable.

The Give app was created specifically with activism and social enterprise in mind. It creates a platform for business owners to sell tickets to events, auction bids, and collect contributions.

Additionally, digital currency is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for those offering goods or services online. The ShapeShift app, offers an easy, convenient marketplace to exchange online currencies.

So there it is, three super easy ways to help you jump-start your career in social entrepreneurship. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started!

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