Tech for Good Ten: Cranial Therapy, Sun Burn Alerting And The Tech That Fights Addiction To Tech



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1 // New cranial electrotherapy stimulation designed to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia

The Mishka and its retro control box aim to destigmatize mental health treatment.

2 // New smart bikinis alert sunbathers when it’s time to apply more sunscreen

Linked to a phone app, this wearable chip helps users avoid sunburn in summer.

3 // Volvo’s redesign of the car child seat is a practical safety winner for parent drivers

With new functions, the Excellence Child Seat Concept aims to provide added comfort and convenience.

4 // Institute of Zoology at London Zoo trials tracking device aimed at protecting wildlife

Open source platform holds behavioural data of wild birds, as analysis taken helps to prevent their decline.

5 // OnePlus Phones creator Carl Pei, explains his aim to change the world

With the launch of his latest smart model, Pei talks about the scope of the device doing good in the hands of it users.

6 // The irony of new tech which helps to kerb our addiction to new tech

A range of apps have been recently released to raise our awareness of smartphone overuse.

7 // Stem cell therapy regenerates arthritis symptoms for ageing dogs

Man’s best friend can receive help for arthritis, tendonitis, and injuries via non-invasive techniques.

8 // UCLA scientists’ new design could dramatically boost efficiency of low-cost solar panels

Research team working to enhance their ability to collect the sun's energy and release it as electricity.

9 // Low-intensity ultrasounds stimulate pathways to improve human wounds

British research team designs technique that promises to cut the time of chronic wound regeneration by around a third.

10 // Smart steering wheel sensors detects driver drowsiness

German engineers Hoffman and Krippner have designed a fatigue-sensing steering wheel add-on that tracks the driver's grip.

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