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Tech For Good Ten | 31.08.2015

1// Video feature of Tech4Good Awards and James Dyson Award winner Open Bionics' new arm prosthetic

A 2016 launch is set for the firm's newest prosthetic £2000 arm

2// The emergency shelter built by citizens in one hour can save lives in post-disaster events

Built of fibre durable textiles and insulation, Tentative can house disaster victims for four months

3// This is no ordinary yoga mat when you discover the ‘green’ substance it’s made with

Algae, the main material in Bloom, is the growing choice of renewable material

4// 10 designs fighting the devastating effects of climate change

Floating home and skateparks combating the destructive effect of flooding

5//  Water and light provided with this new cycling bottle

The Candea vessel keeps cyclists hydrated and safe with built-in illumination

6//  When GPS fails, this shape-shifting cube can guide you home

Yale University engineer designs a location device for the visually impaired

7// Female-dedicated forum empowers women with comfort and information

Glow Community’s Ruby app helps bring women together for genuine care and sympathy through comforting chats

8//  5 green energy breakthroughs happening today

Hawaii among the locations finding new ways to utilise renewable energy sources

9//  Google’s project to help improve diabetes treatment

The tech giant puts its weight behind combatting figures that suggest 590 million people worldwide will have the disease by 2035

10//  Humanscale, a sit-stand workstation giving people the flexibility to work standing up

Office tech part of OfficeIQ, of a variety of workplace designs that boost worker health and well being

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