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1//  New "cycle-friendly" office opens in London’s Finsbury Square

Exclusive BBC video footage of the refurbished facilities of the Alphabeta Building

2// Climbing frame technology that seeks children to play on it

Video feature of the Innovative Architecture Lab’s new model for youngsters

3//  Ten of the best back to school apps for youngsters

A few current top educational apps blend serious learning with craft making and a sense of fun

4//  A transport and tech combo is helping to fix Cambodia’s libraries  

Let’s Read! uses low-cost tech to enable under-privileged children access to books

5//  Contribute good to the world by not looking at your phone

Do Nothing, Do Good swaps hours spent away from smartphones to volunteer hours

6//  How smartphones can help fight global food waste

New app Foodee defines whether non-labelled food will soon expire and needs to be cooked

7//  How far can new visuals raise awareness of social stigmas?

The power of graphic images capturing an emotion, physical state or current location

8//  How the world could save millions with an increase in bike and bus use

Investing in more efficient transportation, buildings and waste management could save cities worldwide at least $17 trillion

9//  Meet the clothing brand empowering women to escape India’s sex trade

American clothing company Anchal creating capital and new skills by employing sex trade workers

10//  Is digital reading bad for children?

The Guardian’s Tech Weekly podcast asks whether digital is a threat to concentration and learning

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