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1//  Make giving to charity as easy as typing a hashtag

Making charity donating as easy as firing off a tweet

2//  For homes without electricity, a lamp that is powered by gravity

New project GravityLight uses the often over-looked resource

3//  Allowing the bedtime story to become a trans-continental event

StoryHome allows families separated by distance to send audio recordings to each other

4//  California’s first “farm-to-home” community is living on energy efficiency

The Cannery’s urban innovative dynamic has grown to over 500 sustainable homes

5//  Colourful architecture is helping locals of a Vietnamese district to seek shelter

Re-ainbow also provides solar power to the area when the local grid goes down

6// This prosthetic hand restored one man’s sense of touch

Company DARPA is living up to its promise of producing limbs with realistic sensations

7//  Uber for healthcare? New tech is making doctors more accessible to patients

Interconnectedness is giving us new ways to interact with our healthcare providers

8//  Upcycle living rolls out affordable shipping container housing

Phoenix-based firm aims to bring affordable shipping container housing to the masses with its modern cost-effective designs

9//  Record-breaking new artificial leaf makes power from sun and water

New artificial leaf is close to being viable for use in domestic homes

10//  Do ‘green technologies’ make a difference in the long run?

A new study from the University of British Columbia is hoping to gather data that will be able to answer these questions for the public.

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