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1// This smart thermometer tells you what to do when you are sick

 Kinsa’s wireless ear thermometer tracks users’ temperatures via phone app

2// WaterStillar Works system designed to be solar powered, efficient, compact and scaleable

The solar-distillation system designed to produce clean drinking water from almost any source

3// Is this town in New South Wales the greenest in the world?

The story behind Uralla, Australia’s first town to turn emissions-free

4// The Guardian launches phase II of its climate change campaign

New phase will champion solar power and its potential to transform the global energy supply

5// Entrust the care of forests to the people who live there? It works for Tanzania

By getting local communities to own and manage forests, the country has not only preserved its trees but seen the creation of a sustainable source of income

6// Classic children's books on coding reprogrammed for a new generation

Author Lisa Watts hopes new books will inspire tomorrow’s programmers

7// To dampen the din behind bars, prisons turn to mobile therapy pods

SeedS are enclosed environments to help prisoners needing mental assistance find a semblance of peace

8//  New app lets you rank people by awfulness, making us question our humanity

Casting stones on our fellow man has never been so 21st century

9// This painting robot could help paralyzed people interact using just their eyes

System represents a significant advance in the burgeoning field of human-machine interactive research

10// Meet the newest class of MacArthur geniuses making the world a better place

Recipients of John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation funding talk about changing the world with their respective talents

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