Toolkit: The Messy Middle of Management Assessment



Toolkit: The Messy Middle of Management Assessment

Tools: Web + Apps


What You Can Do:

While there is a ton of data indicating a gender gap in the workplace and a desire among business leaders to change this, a problem in management persists. A dramatic number of women suddenly disappear. 

We call this the Messy Middle of Management.'s Kit below features tools and tactics for helping companies reach across the aisle and empower employees and executives to alleviate the Messy Middle. 
If you're a female professional interested in collaborating or a manager living in this Messy Middle, here are ways you can take action. 

Fairy Godboss  

A Safe and Anonymous Place to Assess and Share  

This crowdsourced site offers women the opportunity to rate their employers based on pay, benefits, hours, maternity leave and culture.

Users of Fairy Godboss can see what other companies offer in terms of benefits such as maternity leave, and how they rank in salary and culture. Women can also join chats anonymously where they can seek candid advice on important job decisions, and other important workplace matters unique to them. 

This is a safe community of women contributors from Apple, Google, Deloitte and McKinsey who all believe that sharing is the best career karma. 

Read what other women are saying about their work experiences but more importantly, share your own experience. This is how change happens!

Think Business, Think Equality Self-Assessment Tool 

How Does Your Business or Department Rank in Gender Parity?


Is your company/department creating the right gender diverse working environment? If you have a low representation of women in your development pool and leadership then it might be time to step back and do some assessing. 

This site offers online self-assessments asking poignant questions about workplace practices with the intention of seeing how your business ranks on important matters like:

  • Flexible working 
  • Workplace culture  
  • Pay and reward
  • Progression and promotion

 If you want to stay on the competitive end of attracting and maintaining fluid talent, then you will want to know where you rank on these key factors and find out how you can benefit from improved gender diversity.

Taking this small action in assessing how you run your business is a big step in exploring how to stay innovative, productive, profitable and relevant to attract a talented diverse workforce.

 World Bank Gender Data Finder 

Get Inspired. See What Other Communities are Doing.

Gender-based initiatives are on the rise around the world, and The World Bank is one avenue that shares data on gender inclusion and success stories from the communities who are taking creative approaches to the gender-based challenges they face locally. 

Using the app or the website, users can get inspired by the podcasts, posts, and infographics that are being used to close gaps between males and females globally to driving sustainable economic growth that benefits all.

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