Building A Tech Future For Military Veterans



I came across this gem on Product Hunt today, and thought it was fitting to amplify on Memorial Day. 

A year ago, Mike Slagh and Steve Weiner started VetTechTrek, an organization aimed at getting more military veterans working at tech companies. To date, they have mentored and coached over 1,000 vets who've been dreaming of breaking into the startup and high-tech ecosystem. 

The duo's goal now is to expand VetTechTrek's services, which are typically offered to 20-30 veterans and their spouses, to reach all 200,000 vets who transition out of the armed forces ever year, as well as the 400,000 veterans who have voiced they'd like to try a different career path. 

Since the beginning of time, education has been viewed as the great equalizer. In modern society, an education and opportunity to work in technology may be the great unifier. 

Our veterans have been trusted to serve our country. When they re-enter the digital world we live in, which holds endless opportunities for career growth and entrepreneurship, odds are they'll have a strong work ethic. 


VetTechTrek is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a video platform that captures the VetTechTrek experience. To learn about how you can support the initiative, check out their crowdfunding page here

Topping off Memorial Day, Product Hunt published this list of startups founded by veterans. 

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