Six Tools To Help You Have A Healthy Thanksgiving



The time for Thanksgiving food shopping is upon us. To help get everyone prepared for the family festivities, we rounded up some of our favorite tools. 

Aunt Bertha We’ve been thanking Uncle Sam for decades. It’s time to give Aunt Bertha some love. With the help of the government, the Aunt Bertha app helps people locate food, health, housing, and employment programs based on where they live. 

Fooducate Thanksgiving is a gluttonous time for many, but that doesn’t mean the holiday can’t be green and healthy. Fooducate enables shoppers to scan products at the grocery store, and grades the items based on how nutritious they are. 

Seasonal Harvest Timing is everything. Tis the season to know when the foods you want are ready to be harvested. Seasonal Harvest provides a list of all the fruits and vegetables ripe for the taking at all the right times. 

GoPure GoPure is great for anyone opting for an on the go Thanksgiving. The app features hundreds of restaurants that serve healthy and sustainably--sourced food in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Manhattan. 

True Food Shoppers Guide Wherever you go, on whatever occasion. the True Food Shopper’s Guide helps you avoid GE (genetically engineered) food products. 

Locavore When in doubt, go local. Locavore guides users to the nearest local farms so they can purchase fresh produce. 

What tools are you using to help you be your healthiest and most responsible this Thanksgiving? 

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