Defining Human Rights In Modern Times



Human rights are the rights you have simply because you're human. While there are many different kinds of rights, "human" rights are the only ones that are universal, ageless, without gender, and without color or religion. That's why it's crucial for everyone everywhere to have access to tools to educate and promote the 30 basic human rights across the globe. 

Here are some human rights tools we love at The Toolbox. 

The InformaCam is a mobile app, developed by WITNESS and the Guardian Project, that allows Android devices to take images and videos, while using the phones sensors to create a “snapshot” of the environment in which a piece of media is captured. This is to give users the ability to secure and verify the footage that is documented in areas of conflict. 

The Youth for Human Rights Online Education iPad application provides human rights educational curriculum for elementary, middle and high school students. The materials include the complete Educator’s Guide, the documentary film "The Story of Human Rights," 30 award-winning public service announcements illustrating the 30 human rights, the UNITED music video and two booklets, What Are Human Rights? and The Story of Human Rights.

Earlier this year, Amnesty International began developing the Panic Button, which is an alarm app for Android that can be activated during an emergency to alert a user's contacts when he or she is in trouble. Amnesty's plan is to work with activists and create a training curriculum for them on how to use the tool most effectively. 

What are your favorite human rights tools? Let us know in the comments section! 


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