Tools For Combatting The Unemployment Blues



Unless it's a lifestyle choice woven by your own design, enduring unemployment is not fun, especially in today's bleak job market. Adding salt to the wound, on December 28, a projected 1.3 million people are losing unemployment benefits when the federally funded payments come to a halt. Anyone who has been collecting unemployment for more than 26 weeks will lose unemployment compensation. 

There is no question that this could have a drastic effect on the economy. Unemployment benefits keep jobless individuals looking for work. They also keep families above the poverty line. The burning question now is, will Congress do anything to stop the damage? 

While there is no magic app that creates jobs for people, there are tools available that can match workers to opportunities, provide information about Congress, and cultivate sharing economies that are always beneficial, particularly during times of strife.

Here are some of our favorite tools for combatting unemployment straight from The Toolbox. 

The  Congress app makes Congressional information easily accessible for anyone. Users are able to follow bills, see floor activity, and contact members of Congress. 

While EUJob4EU isn't for Americans, we appreciate the premise. The app helps young Europeans find work in other EU countries by matching jobseekers with potential employers, regardless of their home country. 

The SMS service DUMA is designed to match the most qualified employees with the most promising opportunities in Kenya.The service's creators are wrapping up development on a resume generator, and will be adding social recommendations and performance reviews. 

Acts of Sharing empowers users to practice collaborative consumption and share their possessions using a peer to peer platform. The goal is to help people save money, deepen relationships, and build more sustainable lifestyles. 

What tools are you seeing out there that can help people facing unemployment? 

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