The Web Takes On The World Economic Forum



The World Economic Forum is approaching, and the interwebs are already ablaze with chatter about how top business, political, and academic leaders should shape the global agenda. Taking place in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland on January 22 - 25, WEF is bringing together more than 2,500 participants, including more than 40 heads of state or government. On January 14, the +SocialGood community invited experts, leaders, innovators, UN and government representatives, and civil society to join a one-day, digital conversation about how our world's biggest influencers can drive social impact. Using the hashtag #2030Now, a wide range of participants sounded off during 30 minute Twitter chats, G+ hangouts, and Facebook chats about how global citizens can collectively work together to bring sustainable solutions to life, as we look toward building the world we want in 2030.

Questions that were part of the conversation included: 

1. What should world leaders, policy makers and influencers be thinking about as they prepare for high level conversations at Davos?

2. What innovations and emerging technologies are powering progress towards global goals?

3. How are new voices and perspectives shaping the global conversation —and thereby reshaping our world?

Here's what people had to say. 

[View the story "#2030Now Goals " on Storify]

What are the biggest goals you would like to see in this discussion and at WEF? 

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