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Applied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is a growing educational approach for today’s students living in our competitive new economy. This interdisciplinary STEM model contextualizes the aforementioned four themes and provides real world connections regarding how and why they're valuable within schools, community, work, and the expanding global enterprise. 

Because STEM education is crucial to our country's prosperity, the Toolbox crew gathered an assortment of STEM apps for the following audiences: general public, teen, grade school students, and the youngest techies emerging into the world. 


To learn more about anatomy check out Virtual Human Body, which was included in Apple's "Best of 2012" App Store list. This is a great medical tool that includes a visual dictionary with virtual structures and extension information. It also provides an in-depth and easy to use guide. Whether you are pre-med or trying to identify what’s bothering you in your own body, this is a go to app!

Kid Weather is a tool specially made for kids by a kid. Designed by a six-year-old boy and his meteorologist dad, the app is filled with math and science information to help parents and teachers inspire kids to take an interest in STEM fields.


The eGFI: Dream up the future  tool is for people looking to go to engineering school. With polaroid animations of electrical and industrial engineering projects featured on the site, a tab guides users to engineer their own path, and the pulls portraits of engineering students for inspiration. Insider information is also a perk. The site provides the details of the salaries of each field, personal stories of current engineering students, and essential steps for people wanting to get into their dream school. 


If you want to get your six-year-old up to date with programming logic and problem solving or catch up on coding yourself,  Kodable pro is the tool for you. It breaks down programming fundamentals for children and can serve as valuable resource for parents. 

Geared for teens and young developers. Codecademy teaches users how to code in several programming languages by providing interactive exercises organized into lessons. There's no content that would be iffy for younger kids, but the reading level and skills taught are challenging.


Bedtime Math helps parents make math a part of their child’s daily routine, in the same way bedtime stories are. The app combines basic math with word problems, such as: “If a woodpecker pecks a tree 20 times per second, how many times does he peck in five seconds?” Parents are able to select daily math problems for their child’s age group. 

We’ll be added more STEM-related educational tools soon. What apps would you like to see featured in The Toolbox? 

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