Disney American Presidents

What this app does: This tool provides a fun and interactive learning experience of the history of all 44 American Presidents. This dynamic and playful historical journey is packed with educational content, from homesteading to civil rights, from trust busting to bailouts. Moving through curriculum-based eras from Washington to Obama, you’ll realize that history is so much more than dates and documents – it’s the dynamic story of the real men and women who together built our country. This app features: - More than two hours of hilarious – and historically accurate - presidential profiles - Navigate by President and by era, from Washington to Obama - Era-specific descriptions, music, art styles and references help bring each historical time period to life - Each President receives his own spread, with interactive elements linked to key decisions, notable characteristics and historical legacy - Pull-out factoids create a flavor for the time and for the individual - Explores many of the themes of the 2012 election - Features historical experts and White House insiders such as Paul Begala, Wesley Clark, Sam Donaldson, Melissa Harris-Perry, Robert Reich, Jon Meacham, presidential historians from the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress and many others - AirPlay enabled for classroom and home use Educational Value: - Maps to Core Curriculum Standards for grades 3-8 - Includes video profiles for each of our 44 U.S. Presidents - Explains and contextualizes key historical concepts - Links political philosophies and historical characters across time Who it's for: Ages 4 and up Why we love it: This app makes education interactive and fun, encouraging young people to be more informed about the history of their government. Geographic areas it serves: The United States What people are saying about it: "It feels like you're living a part of history" **** Parent's Choice Award Winner **** **** Scholastic Instructor "50 Best Apps for Teachers" **** **** Entertainment Weekly's Best of 2012: The 10 Best Apps Of The Year **** Areas of expertise: Easy to use, educational, and a great tool for parents and their children Languages: English

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