The Eco-Activist

The Eco – Activist app has all the following great features: -The webs’ leading carbon footprint calculator incorporated within. With this you can get a fast estimate, or a deeper, more accurate calculation of your carbon footprint. As well as your family/households’ result. Or, calculate just your cars' emissions. Planning your next vacation? You can input your custom flight departure and destination for that trip. All of these can be compared automatically to your country’s average, as well as the world’s CO2 reduction goal. -Up-to-date Eco-news feed. -Inspirational “green” videos. -Great 'tips' section for “green-living” practices that are easy to do. -Access to the Eco – Activists community directly through the app.* -As well as a quick headline update from the Eco – Activists. This makes it fast and easy to keep up-to-date with this community through the app wherever you are. Here you can participate in organized campaigns where people all over the world take similar eco - actions at the same time! In the Eco - Activists Facebook Community you can be a part of new campaigns, keep informed about the latest issues, post you're eco - improvements, get progressive "Green Badges", as well as check your friends’ actions. Also, we encourage that it be a place where new ideas can flow from individuals, to professionals, to NGOs and company's; and vise-verse.

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