iCukoo is an easy to use charity alarm clock that brings giving into your daily routine every time you hit the snooze button on your smartphone alarm. All you need to do is: a. Set the iCukoo alarm b. Select the charity you want to support c. Decide how much each snooze is worth If you snooze the alarm (lazybones!) the app takes note. When your snoozes have added up to £1 we will prompt a text message asking if you want to donate that amount, or let more snoozes accrue. KEY FEATURES: - Beautiful alarm clock - Multiple alarms - Choose your favourite charity from the following: National Literacy Trust, Parkinson's UK, Prostate Cancer UK, Starlight, and Maggies - Donate to your favourite charity via SMS - if you do not send an SMS, no donation will be made. - Change donation increment - Change snooze duration - 11 different alarm sounds

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