Library For All

Library for All is a nonprofit organization that exists to unlock knowledge to those without access to books in developing countries. To achieve this, we have built an application that delivers e-books to people living in developing countries at a much lower cost than building physical libraries. The content is available on low-cost devices such as tablets, mobile phones and PC’s. The platform is significantly more cost effective and sustainable than building and maintaining physical libraries, and can be customized to meet local schools’ varying needs e.g., language, reading levels, culture, etc. Library For All is currently operating in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and will be launching in Rwanda in the near-term. Library For All was recently recognized by the Knight Foundation in their Libraries Challenge (at this link) and as of 2015, is a Clinton Global Initiative nonprofit partner. Tanyella Evans, Library For All’s COO, was recently recognized as one of Forbes’ 2015 “30 Under 30.”

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