Maya Apa

Whether its exchanging knowledge between peers or receiving expert advice from specialists, Maya Apa aims to connect women with the information they are looking for. Maya’s high quality medical and social content along with online health and legal advice service, Maya Apa, has fast become a viable and reliable source of information and a highly trusted platform for many. Through a partnership with BRAC, Maya can drive greater outreach to women at the grassroots, giving them an opportunity to access a wide range of information and peer-to- peer support, to make informed decisions for their own lives and families. The Maya team is made up of like-minded women and men, with a view to use internet and mobile technology to make a difference in Bangladesh. More information about BRAC: BRAC a pioneer in poverty eradication through financial interventions and community empowerment is committed to women’s advancement through realization and assertion of rights and women-focused development programming. The Gender Justice and Diversity Division with the support of various other BRAC departments, recognize the “leveling” power of the internet and therefore the wide range of opportunities that online platforms have to offer for greater service delivery and demanding of rights.

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