Second Chance Africa

Our Vision: We look forward to a world where lives are no long torn apart by war and conflict. Our Mission: to foster skills that interrupt intergenerational cycles of trauma and violence. Where We Work: Monrovia, Liberia, West Afica (2009 – present) Buduburam Refugee Camp, Ghana, West Africa (2008 & 2009) Who We Help: - War affected youth (former child soldiers) - Post war Liberian children - Orphans - Refugees - Former combatants - Victims of rape & domestic violence (male & female) - Drug Dependents - Inmates and former inmates - Parents & teachers The Liberian population as a whole benefits from reduction of crime and violence led by war, trauma and poverty. How We do It: We work to restore lives and aid in healing by preparing people for meaningful community engagement via: Direct clinical services for psychological rehabilitation of post-war and post conflict individuals (war perpetrators and victims) in various communities, prison compounds, and refugee camps. Preventive childhood clinical intervention at schools, orphanages and communities to attend the needs of post-war children at risk for intergenerational trauma, and domestic abuse. Reconciliation of war perpetrators and war victims by lowering stigmatization of former child soldiers, combatants, and inmates, through helping them to integrate back into communities. Empowerment of the population through psychological education through community workshops and radio broadcasts about mental health conditions, drug abuse, and parenting skills. Fighting Crime and Poverty by raising our participant’s skills for employment and social economic stability through skills training, literacy, and basic education scholarships. Psychiatric and neuroscience research in commitment to clinical excellence, for the development of culturally sensitive psychological intervention in Africa. Advocacy and development of the mental health field for Liberia by assisting the Liberian Mental Health Ministry, providing professional training of Liberians, overseas awareness, and being available to offer free international consulting services to non-profits.

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