GO-JEK is Jakarta's personal time-saver. We are an all-in-one convenience service: Your driver, your courier, and your personal shopper. You name it, we'll do it, INSTANTLY! Need an Ojek right away? With FREE hair cover and face mask? GO-JEK! Need to send an item in less than 90 minutes? GO-JEK! Need someone to buy you food, tickets, or anything under Rp 1 mil? And pay for it first? GO-JEK! Here's why our service makes your life a whole lot easier in Jakarta: You get notified at every step: When your driver will arrive; when he has picked up your item; and when he has delivered it; even who received your package All pricing is pre-calculated - no more street negotiations! You can track your driver location from your app! Seriously. You can call your driver at anytime to check his location, guide him, or confirm that he's buying you the right stuff. You can input your friend's contact if you're are sending or picking up from someone else. You can go 100% cashless with our in-app wallet: GO-JEK Credit! We've been featured on CNN, BBC, and almost all local publications. Now we're ready to take our service to the next level. We are all about Speed, Innovation, and Social Impact. Try us out! We may just save the day!

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