Do nothing. Do good.

&Barr wants to reward you for taking occasional breaks from your phone by doing good on your behalf based on the amount of time you spend doing nothing on your phone. Accrue “nothing time” by taking breaks from your phone. Start the app timer. Put down your phone. Take a break. Enjoy some quality time sans phone with family and friends. Watch a movie. Read a book. Take a nap. Take a hike. Whatever. Just don’t move or use your phone or the timer will stop. But don’t worry, when you’re ready for another break, just click resume and your time begins where you left off. The more breaks you take, the more good &Barr does. Building homes for the needy. Manning soup kitchens. Coordinating canned food drives. Picking up roadside litter. &Barr has a number of volunteer opportunities lined up to participate in during calendar year 2015 based on the total amount of “nothing time” accrued by app users. The more time accrued, the more good gets done. Visit for complete details and to see the good being done on app users’ behalf.

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