What this app does: Founded in 2014, Funzilife Ltd. produces mobile learning services. The first courses focused on job skills and entrepreneurship. The courses are designed to meet the information and educational needs of emerging markets. This app features: One of Funzi’s design principles is that quality learning should be free to users-- so all courses, from business to life skills, are entirely free of charge. Who it's for: Everyone. Life-long learners. Why we love it: In addition to providing free education, especially to entrepreneurs and self-starters, in 2015 Funzi launched services for asylum seekers arriving to Europe. Geographic areas it serves: Worldwide. What people are saying about it: “Thank so much for the short course of entrepreneurship. Now I could be able to start my own business.” Areas of expertise: Business, Entrepreneurship, Self-Starting. Languages: English, Arabic, Finnish, Swahili (Also at:

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