What this app does: This app enables children outside of school to teach themselves how to read. It is an open source technology that is democratizing learning. This app features: Crowd-sourced knowledge! From teachers, to doctors, to content creators, storytellers, designers, photographers, and developers: by utilizing the power of crowdsourcing, LiteracyApp is able to gather a variety of content on one shared platform that children can easily access and use. Who it's for: Children-- but also, any adult who is willing to contribute to the knowledge pool in their field! (Adults specifically can sign up to help through the LiteracyApp mailing list here: Why we love it: Because it's open source and scalable software that will enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic! Geographic areas it serves: Worldwide. What people are saying about it: Winner of the Global Learning Prize! Areas of expertise: Aims to be expert in all fields, but especially reading, writing, and arithmetic. Languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, Swahili.

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