What this app does: Alaveteli is an open-source platform for making public freedom of information requests to public bodies. Citizens can use this tool to request information and be answered publicly. The project aims to support the launch of dozens of FOI websites around the world. This app features: - All requests made through Alaveteli, and their responses are published online for everyone to see. - Citizens can request information, and view and comment on other people’s requests - Used all over the world to open up governments and other public bodies Who it's for: Everyone Why we love it: Alaveteli is universal and it encourages transparency in government issues and decisions. This tool has helped citizens make over 315,000 Freedom of Information requests in 25 jurisdictions. Alaveteli can help open up government in any country, in any language, and within any legislation. Geographic areas it serves: Everywhere. What people are saying about it: Areas of expertise: Easy to use and a great tool for anyone in the world. Alaveteli acts both as a useful tool for citizens, and as an advocacy tool for right-to-know campaigners. Languages: English, Spanish Deployed in Kosovo (, the UK (, Brazil (, Hungary (, New Zealand (, Spain (, Europe (, Ukraine (, Czech Republic (, Croatia (, Australia (, Uruguay (, Tunisia (, Romania (, Bosnia (, Israel (, Macedonia (http://www.slobodenpristap), Serbia (, Rwanda (, Italy (https://chiedi.dirittodisape), Hong Kong (, Uganda (, Portugal (, Norway (, Malaysia (, Paraguay (, Nicaragua (

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