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Jason is a filmmaker and spokesperson for the disability community, and founder of the non-profit AXS Lab. His first film, Olivia’s Puzzle (http://www.oliviaspuzzle.com ) (2003, 12 min.), screened at more than 30 festivals including Sundance, received an Oscar qualification and was broadcast on HBO and PBS/POV in 2004. His second film, A Song for Daniel (2005, 10 min.) screened on PBS/POV in 2005. His short film, Twins Of Mankala (2006, 10 min.) aired on PBS/POV in 2006. At the age of 25, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Redefining himself and his career, he started working on his ITVS-funded documentary When I Walk (http://www.wheniwalk.com) based on his experiences of having multiple sclerosis. He began this with a short entitled First Steps (2009, 10 min.), looking at his early thoughts and experiences with the diagnosis. First Steps was shown in the Tribeca Film Festival 2009. Jason has an MFA in Media from Emily Carr University.

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