Valentina Barbacci

London, England, United Kingdom

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Valentina Barbacci is Executive Director of Media Matters for Women (MMW) in Sierra Leone as well as Fundraising/Marketing Manager for the Association for the Protection of Women's and Children's Rights (APWCR) in Cameroon. MMW employs local female journalists who create and disseminate broadcasts on local women's issues via Bluetooth technology on mobile phones. APWCR investigates and reports human rights abuses to local, regional, and national authorities on behalf of the most under-privileged - rural women and children, student drop-outs, teenage mothers, and commercial sex workers. Valentina is working to set up a chapter of MMW in Cameroon through APWCR. She recently joined General Assembly as a Client Solutions Director for EMEA based in London. She also consults ad hoc for Indigo Impact, a philanthropy advisory firm consulting ultra high net worth individuals on their philanthropic initiatives.

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