Alexander Gillett

Founder Brooklyn, New York, United States

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Alexander is a serial entrepreneur. Starting with the classic childhood lemonade stand and then working at his first startup for Virage, he has had the great experience of training under people like Bradley Horowitz. He went on to start a painting company, which he sold to a competitor, and was eventually hired to run half their company. During the earliest startup phase of HowGood, Alexander had a technical support company, a rooftop farm, and a couple other gigs. They were profitable enough to fund HowGood’s early days but were not his passion. As Co-Founder and CEO of HowGood, Alexander leads HowGood's business development initiatives by seeking out like-minded companies and organizations with which to partner and continually works to bring the information that HowGood provides to greater audiences in more meaningful ways. Under his leadership, the HowGood sustainable food rating program now supports and empowers conscientious shoppers all over the country.

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