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"We now own more mobile phones than toothbrushes and they are transforming the world we live in, more profoundly and with more speed than anything else we have ever devised.

Every sphere of human activity is being turned upside down as choice and control fall directly into our hands. This technology is at the same time both deeply democratising and disruptive. It connects us to each other, to unlimited information, to experience and wisdom, in ways never before possible - and to a whole new set of empowering tools.

We have to understand how fundamental this change is and make sure that the best designed and most useful tools for each user can easily be found and accessed, especially by the most disadvantaged and those most at risk.

That is why we need theToolbox.org to assemble, curate and create the tools with which to transform our lives and the world we live in.”

– Peter Gabriel

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Join us in mobilizing this platform where citizen activists (i.e. you) can be deeply engaged in a range of issues and events across the globe. This virtual space provide's easy access to the most useful information and tools for social change, as well as clear avenues for you to take meaningful action.

The Toolbox is actively connecting disparate individuals, cause-fueled missions, organizations, and networks into a powerful global community of advocates working together to have a positive impact on the world. Join us in the crusade, and make your digital footprint count!

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The Team

  • Alexandra Ostrow Beach

    Contributing Writer


  • Kirsten Cluthe

    Editorial Director of Lean Startup


Growing up in the sixties and seventies I was very attracted to the counterculture that emerged at that time.

That was the first time when we could see what our planet looked like from space and the first time that young people around the world felt they were part of a global movement that was more important and more theirs, than their own nations.

The movement spawned many visionaries but it was the Whole Earth team under the guidance of Stewart Brand and later Kevin Kelly (still curating his CoolTools site) that really emphasized the importance of “ Access to Tools ”. This, along with an obvious need, provided the inspiration for this project.

– Peter Gabriel