Gifts For Moms That Give Back


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It’s the Friday before Mother’s Day and you are at a complete loss what you are going give to one of the most important person in your life. How do you say thank you to the mother that woke up in the middle night to soothe you when you were a child, the mother that managed to balance all aspects of her life and put you first? Here at The Toolbox, we like to think of ways where you can give a heartfelt thank you to your mom, while simultaneously helping others around the world.

For moms out there who only want a card for Mother’s Day, here are a few options. 

Milaap is a crowdfunded microlending company for hard working and financially in-need borrowers in India. This Mother’s Day they have created Wishies, a message of encouragement for mothers in India. For each Wishie, Milaap will include a $25/500 Rs loan. Wishies are free of charge and were meant to perpetuate change, positivity, and encouragement among the global community.

The International Justice Mission is a powerful team that uses a three-step model to rescue individual victims and bring criminals to justice by launching collaborative projects designed to improve the justice system’s response to crime. While dong this the team works with local government partners to monitor the change. IJM has e-cards available on their website to send to mothers. Senders are able to attach a donation of their choice that will help rescue women and children around the world.

Global Giving is a charity fundraising website that allows users to send an e-card, print a card at home, or have a card mailed to a recipient, who can then choose which cause he or she would like to support.  In other words, you get to buy the card and send it your mother and she gets to choose where her donation goes. Universal Giving is another charity website that offers a similar gift card model. 

Last but not least, here are a couple of vetted gift and fair trade options:

Oxfam America is part of the international Oxfam alliance, which is working to counteract poverty, hunger and injustice. The organization has a variety of gifts that help people across the world. Participants can donate funds to help plant a vegetable garden, train a midwife, or get goats for kids.

The fair trade platform, Raven + Lily, alleviates poverty among women through ethical design and fashion, while highlighting the stories of the artisans who create these beautifully crafted items.

Through giving these gifts you are not only showing your appreciation and love for your mother, you're expressing how much her love has taught you to give back.

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