How RescueID Apptivist Roddy Richards Is Providing Instant Medical Relief For At-Risk Patients


Image: RescueID

Roddy Richards believes in instant medical relief for all. And, given today's emerging technology it shouldn't be difficult to deliver important information for the sake of saving lives. That's why he and his team created RescueID, a simple digital tool that helps people who encounter patients with life-threatening conditions come to the rescue. When first responders text the 7-character code on the stainless silver RescueID bracelets to the RescueID system, they're instantly forwarded important medical data, as well as the emergency contact information of the at-risk patients. 

Roddy’s RescueID idea was sparked during a conversation he had with a friend who was diagnosed with diabetes. He determined that it's essential to have a tool that provides necessary medical information when someone goes into shock and is unable to speak, and didn't want to hear horror stories of people waiting 45 minutes for emergency treatment while their records were located. The RescueID model, which is available via a buffet of colorful and stylish bracelets and necklaces, makes crucial data available all the time and in any location, which is especially important for those at risk. 

“Where are you going to plug in those USBs in an ambulance?” Richard asks. "This accessible online database [RescueID] is poised to save lives because it is simple and accumulates all medical records in one safe, virtual space that's easily updated." 

Providing "better days" for more people is the name of RescueID’s game. Since soft launching in April, RescueID has gained and is protecting approximately 1,000 users. The small, six-person RescueID team is currently working with partners to expand their reach, so more people will have immediate access to emergency medical information. 

Has a digital tool or mobile technology ever helped save your life or the life of a loved one? If so, sound off in our comments section. We want to connect you to RescueID and tell your story! 

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