The Best Apps For Giving Back During The Holiday Hustle



It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's also the busiest time of year. That's why having philanthropic tools at your fingertips is of the utmost important for anyone wanting to be charitable during the holidays. Here are some of our favorite apps for giving back in The Toolbox. 

One Today: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and an app helps you make a difference with a dollar a day. One Today allows users to donate just $1 to support a cause of their choice. Users can learn about a new cause every day, and have an even bigger impact by matching their friends' donations. 

Acts of Sharing: This app revolves around the sharing economy by connecting users in their community who own items they may need. 

Instead: This tool enables people to make micro-donations to nonprofits usually in the amounts of $3 and $5. Checks for the total amount of donations received in a month are cut and sent within thirty days of the end of each calendar month to the nonprofits. 

Spacehive: Spacehive is an online funding platform for neighborhood improvement projects.The aim of this tool is help put communities in charge of neighborhood planning by giving them collective financial clout to deliver popular projects independently of councils. 

Freestore Foodbank: The Freestore Foodbank app connects users to the hunger relief services of Freestore's different locations. A founding member of Feeding America, Freestore Foodbank, is the largest Tri-State food bank serving 20 counties across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. 

Givum: Givium is a new, socially responsible e-commerce site where users buy and sell unused household items to their social network, and donate a percentage of the proceeds to a charity of their choice. 

What are you favorite apps for giving back this year? 

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