What this app does: An important part of managing diabetes is managing your diet and knowing what’s really in your food. With Fooducate you can lose weight with REAL food, track your progress, and discuss with the community. According to Fooducate, it's the only app that looks beyond the calorie and helps you eat healthy and tasty. Users can scan a product barcode to see what’s really in their food. Fooducate will also show you healthier alternatives. Who it's for: Everyone. Why we love it: It's showing us what's really in the food we eat: a smart way to stay healthy. Geographic areas it serves: Everywhere. What people are saying about it: "I was never able to lose weight before. Thanks to Fooducate, I've lost 20 lbs in 6 months. An incredible, life changing app." Areas of expertise: Food, Healthy Eating, Meal Planning Languages: English

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