Armchair Revolutionary (ArmRev)

What this app does: ArmRev is a web-based game that sources donations and ideas for science and technology projects, with a 99-cent contribution limit. This app features: Financiers, game designers and idealists can compete against each other, earning points, rewards and accessing new levels of the game as support grows for their projects. Budgeting and timelines are then crowdsourced to supporters, to help determine a reliable scale for progress. Who it's for: Everyone Why we love it: This tool is taking advantage of trends in micro-donation and real-time apps to support the expansion of science and technology, and social activism projects. Geographic areas it serves: Everywhere What people are saying about it: "'Armchair Revolutionary' can be described as 'FarmVille' meets activism because it combines social gaming with Internet activism. Players can make 99-cent donations to the projects the game supports, ranging from health care to sustainability projects. Under the game rubric, they can also complete social activism tasks like e-mailing real-life influential executives or taking quizzes to better understand the work of an activist." - Forbes Magazine Areas of expertise: Social activism, science and technology. Easy to use and accessible to everyone. Languages: English

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