What this app does: Awaaz.De is a software platform enabling organizations to engage with poor, remote, and marginal communities by providing on-demand, many-to-many informational access through mobile phones. Users access Awaaz.De applications by dialing regular phone numbers to create, browse, and share voice content through automated voice interfaces. Voice makes it easy to provide services in local languages, overcomes literacy constraints, and offers a low barrier to content creation: one only needs to know how to speak into a phone. This app features: Works on any phone. Send voice messages through phone calls, take responses, and manage online. No apps or software required. Who it's for: Organizations wanting to engage with communities. Why we love it: This tool removes the language barrier between organizations and their communities, allowing the voices of individuals to be heard, and increasing the possibility for necessary social change. Geographic areas it serves: Everywhere What people are saying about it: Areas of expertise: Easy to use, cost efficient & time-saving mobile solutions. Languages: 9 languages

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