What this app does: Barkloudly is an innovative way to connect shelters and rescues with dog lovers and volunteers. This platform strives to create a new ecosystem of volunteers, local shelters, pet owners, potential adopters, and local businesses. This app features: - Personalized match-making service; find your next dog (www.barkloudly.com) - Match you and your next dog (barkloudly.com/barkMatch) - Share stories of human interaction with dogs (barkloudly.com/post_a_byte) - Follow-up advice on dog parenting - Partner with businesses to create a marketplace for awesome canine inspired products (http://doggybag.barkloudly.com/) Who it's for: Dog lovers, shelters and dog businesses Why we love it: This tool promotes responsible pet adoption and parenting, improving the quality of life for both dogs and humans. Geographic areas it serves: The United Sates What people are saying about it: Areas of expertise: Easy to use Languages: English

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