Access Together

What this app does: Access Together allows users to identify and mark handicap-accessible (or inaccessible) areas within a community. Ultimately, the goal is to crowd-source an accessibility data-set for every neighborhood to improve access, inform City Hall and ensure everyone has access to their community. This tool features: - Mobile access - Available on your web enabled mobile device without a download. The mobile web site allows you to answer accessibility questions and leave comments about the locations around you. - On the desktop version of Access Together, you will have access to the community pages and venue specific accessibility information. Who it's for: Anyone in need of accessibility or sensitive to those who have such needs Why we love it: While this exists all over the world, it is still a community based effort. By marking the accessible and inaccessible, users have the opportunity to help others in need. You can have a big impact on the accessibility of your community! Accessible communities allow for equal access regardless of physical or sensory abilities. Geographic areas it serves: Maps available in all countries What people are saying about it: Apps for Communities Challenge Runner-Up, hosted by the Knight Foundation and FCC Areas of expertise: Easy to use

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