Carbon3R-Sustainable Lifestyle

What this app does: Carbon 3R is all about simple practices and principles to further sustainability awareness and initiatives at home, at work and in communities. This app features: - Guide to Compost, Landfill and Recyclable Waste is now available at your fingertips for quick look-up and provides a categorized list of over 50 items - Practical, politics-free, simple steps for living a more sustainable lifestyle - Tips on how to integrate The 3Rs of sustainability (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) into your everyday life - Read about the green action plan - Catch up on the Green News Headlines of the world from Green RSS Feed channels - TreeHugger, Yahoo and New York Times Who it's for: Citizens seeking simple ways to reduce their carbon footprint Why we love it: This tool reminds us that it's the day-to-day actions, and the habits we cultivate, that matter most. With this app, people can address their own carbon footprint at the most basic level, and make a difference. Geographic areas it serves: Everywhere What people are saying about it: - "This is a basic app giving good but basic lifestyle tips on reducing your ecological footprint." - "Carbon footprint info at your fingertips. Awesome!!" Areas of expertise: Easy to use, integrating actions and awareness Languages: English

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