WWF Together

Experience the world’s most amazing animals in one app — together. This interactive experience brings you closer to the stories of elephants, whales, rhinos and other fascinating species. Discover their lives and the work of WWF in a way you’ve never seen before. Try out “tiger vision,” stay as still as the polar bear during a hunt, and chop the panda’s bamboo. New species stories — which you can fold and share with the world — are added regularly. Features • In-depth, interactive stories of endangered animals, including giant pandas, tigers, elephants, marine turtles and polar bears. • Playful interactive elements that incorporate iPad’s unique features. • Origami of each animal that folds up, creating an animated video you can share with your friends and family through Facebook, email and Twitter — plus, download instructions for making your own origami. • 3D interactive globe - discover exactly how far away you are from 60 different animals around the world. • Stunning high-definition, full-screen videos and image galleries, featuring photos by renowned environmental photographer Morten Koldby. • Cool and unusual animal facts. (Do you know what a panda and a stick of butter have in common?) • Multiple ways to get involved and help protect these amazing animals.

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