Implements an open communication principle in which wireless-enabled computers and mobile devices can directly form a spontaneous network. Two artists, Christoph Wachter and Mathias Jud, developed a community project named “Qaulnet”. "Qual" is the Arab word for 'opinion, say talk, word' and is pronounced like the English word "call." In a time of communication blackouts in places like Egypt, Burma, and Tibet, and given the large power outages often caused by natural disasters, qaul.net has taken on the challenge of critically examining existing communication pathways while simultaneously exploring new horizons. In these situations where people are cut off from the internet, they are able to communicate and to form a spontaneous network via free WIFI. Text messaging, file sharing and voice calls are possible independent of internet and cellular networks. Qaul.net can spread like a virus, and an Open Source Community can modify it freely. Watch the 'making of' video here: http://www.everydayrebellion.com/free-internet-communication-qual-net/

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