Urgent Call

Imagine missing the most important call of your life! The founder and creator of the latest advancement in emergency preparedness missed that call when his father had a heart attack while he was sound asleep. This crisis inspired the creation of Urgent Call™, a service created to make sure you are available to your loved ones when they need you most!! In today’s “always accessible” world, silencing our cell phones every once in a while is absolutely necessary whether it’s for a good night’s sleep, an important business meeting, a night out at the movies or just to relax/disconnect for a few hours. Urgent Call™ allows you to do just that while resting assured that in the event of an emergency your loved ones and the people who depend on you most (e.g., elderly, children, children with disabilities) are able to contact you. Urgent Call™ is the answer to the uneasy feeling we all experience when we put our phones on silent. That nagging worry of “what if there’s an emergency?” What if my child has an allergic reaction? What if my wife goes into labor?? What if my son/daughter is in an accident? What if something happens at my child’s school? Disconnect with peace of mind that should an emergency arise, your loved ones can reach you!

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