Stringwire is a new platform for sourcing and sharing live video. Components of the service include iOS and Android video capture and playback apps, a web-based video mixing system, and publishing integrations via a growing number of web and Cable/Broadcast TV based services. All content shared with Stringwire is covered with a CC-BY inspired license. Stringwire is a service of the NBCUniversal News Group and is actively seeking partnerships and video Streamers. It provides the tools to: Create: Produce awesome live video by creating a channel and finding people who are close to the action. Invite: Get multiple angles by inviting friends or pushing requests to strangers on the ground through Twitter. Direct your stringers through chat and mix between angles to capture the action in real-time. Check back in soon for its release date and user reviews! NYTimes review explains: The service works by tapping into the multitudes of people who send Twitter messages when they witness a news event. Those people will receive a Twitter post that asks them to click a link and point their camera at what they are seeing. Without any special app, the service will start streaming live video to NBC. The video submissions will be vetted just like any other material the network uses. Stringwire continues to stream live from #Ferguson at the hands of citizen activists.

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