One Love Lite

What this app does: Everyone deserves to be safe and healthy in their relationship, including when a relationship ends. Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether you are experiencing the typical ups and downs of relationship stress and conflict, or whether you are experiencing an abusive relationship that puts you at risk. The One Love Foundation's Danger Assessment app is designed to aid you to seek professional assistance if you feel you are at risk of being involved in a detrimental relationship with your current partner or an ex-partner. After answering questions about your relationship you will be provided with a score. The score is based on years of research that identified which risk factors are most common when abusive relationships lead to detrimental outcomes. We cannot predict what will happen in your case, but we would like you to be aware of the danger of abuse in potentially unhealthy situations that could impact your overall well-being. Who it's for: Those concerned they might be in an abusive or unhealthy relationship. Why we love it: The app will disable itself after one use, but it can be downloaded again and again Geographic areas it serves: Everywhere What people are saying about it: Some say the questions are too obvious although it is based on 20 years of research. Areas of expertise: Easy to use. Languages: English, German, Northern Sami, Spanish

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