From the First Amendment Coalition comes IOpenGov, a mobile tool to know your rights on the go. Featuring guides to: ✔Open meeting law -- including a complete primer on California’s Brown Act (in English and Spanish) and open meeting laws California state and state university’s public meeting laws;
 ✔Public records law -- including California’s Public Records Act (CPRA), and the Freedom of Information Act FOIA;
 ✔The legal rights and liabilities of reporters in gathering news including: ✏✏✏The right to access public schools, prisons, disaster areas, crime scenes and military areas; ✏✏✏The risk of recording telephone calls, libel, working undercover, trespassing, and crossing the police and their lines. ✔ Access FAC’s free Legal Hotline to have a First Amendment attorney answer your question;

 ✔ Search FAC’s Asked & Answered archive to research hundreds of public-access law questions answered by FAC attorneys;
 ✔ Follow FAC’s constantly updated news feed of First Amendment, government transparency, and media headlines;
 ✔ Receive instant alerts on first amendment headline stories, FAC cases and be the first to receive new commentary by FAC's Executive Director Peter Scheer.
 ✔ Share iOpenGov news and information via Twitter, Facebook and email.

 First Amendment Coalition is an award-winning, nonprofit public interest organization dedicated to advancing free speech, more open and accountable government, and public participation in civic affairs. The Coalition is committed to the principle that government is accountable to the people, and strives through education, public advocacy, litigation, and other efforts to prevent unnecessary government secrecy and to resist censorship of all kinds.

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