Open Label

With your help, OpenLabel is doing something extraordinary. This new platform converts the barcode on every product in the world into a “digital label”, which is then open to the public for comments. By building a free 'social community' around every product, consumers and organizations can now instantly see and share all the reasons to buy or avoid any product. We all want to learn more about the things we are buying. Whether it's the health of our food, the safety of our toys, the environmental impact of our detergent, or the politics of the company that makes these things. From animal testing, to allergies, to just plain personal taste, the OpenLabel project is moving all this vital information off the blogs, websites and newsletters, and into a universal, centralized public place, where the people will most likely read that information – on the product itself. As mobile commerce explodes, this crowd-powered label will give you a voice, keep you informed, and help you make better decisions for yourself and for the planet. - SCAN THE BARCODE OF ANY PRODUCT - ATTACH YOUR THOUGHTS FOR ALL TO SEE. - CHECK OUT (AND RATE) WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID - TRACK YOUR STATUS & GAIN FOLLOWERS - CONNECT WITH ISSUES / ORGANIZATIONS YOU CARE ABOUT - SEE ACTIVITY IN YOUR FEED - DISCOVER AND FOLLOW TRUSTWORTHY SOURCES Soon, buying without checking the OpenLabel will be like jumping in a pool without testing the water. So download OpenLabel, share it with your friends, and together we'll bring product and company transparency to a whole new level. Now available on IOS, soon for Android.

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